OGP Charter

The OGP is a private, invitation-only, golf tournament held annually in the in south west of France to promote the social interaction between people working in the Oil and Gas industry.

The primary objective is to provide an opportunity for participants to meet and get to know each other through playing golf together and participating in associated social events.

A voluntary Committee is in place to coordinate the event and ensure the respect of the OGP charter, ethics and rules. This Committee is selected annually, and made up of individuals willing to give their time to fulfill the obligations of the Committee.


To be a Participant one must be a golf player preferably working, or have been working, in the Oil and Gas related business, and be invited by the OGP committee.
The golf tournament, and all related events, can only be attended by above described participants.

Companies and Individuals are invited by the OGP Committee. Participants who accept the invitation do so in the knowledge that they are supporting the spirit of this event and accept to do their best to promote this spirit by their behavior as players and their active participation to the tournament and to all social events.


The Tournament is fully sponsored by individuals or companies.
Providing items for prizes or as goodies to be presented to all players is at the sole discretion of individuals or companies and gives no rights to such companies or individuals to use OGP tournament to promote themselves on a commercial basis.
A single item presented for an individual prize should be no more than 100 Euros in value.

Sponsors, either Individual or Company, are welcome to support one to three Teams (one team is two players) in the Tournament. The total number of Teams is limited to 72 (144 players) for the Tournament.

The concept of having as diverse a selection of Oilfield Companies as possible represented at the event is actively encouraged, and newcomers shall automatically have at least one team accepted. The final number of teams accepted per sponsor is decided by the OGP Committee.

The composition of the teams will be decided by the committee taking into account players handicaps and mutual affinity between players.

A team cannot however, be made up players from either the same company or family.


The Organization of the OGP is carried out by a group of professionals in the golf and hotel accommodation industry,
namely the “Pierre & Vavances Resort Moliets”, the MOLIETS Golf Club and the SEIGNOSSE Golf Club.