Local Rules


MAXIMUM allowable full handicap is 28 for men and 28 for ladies. Only a ¾ handicap is considered for scoring purposes.

Players with a full tournament handicap of 18 or less are considered to be Flight 1. All other players are Flight 2. This applies for all “Nearest the pin”, and “Longest Drive” events.

ALL ladies start from the RED markers and all men from the YELLOW markers.


  1. Only the GROSS scores on each hole are to be recorded. Net and team scores are computed afterwards
  2. Each player is responsible for his score and shall clearly announce his score on completing a hole; a player on the opposing team will record the score.
  3. In order to speed up the game, ALL PLAYERS are requested to PICK UP their ball when it becomes OBVIOUS that there is no chance to score less than 4 over Par. The SCORE on this hole will be entered as a cross (X), and a cross (X) will be counted as 4 GROSS OVER PAR by the Committee as any other recorded score over 4 over par.
  4. As the competition is based on stroke play, a “GIMME” is not permitted. Unless the ball has been picked up (see 3 above), each player must HOLE OUT, and particularly when he/she can return a sensible score on a hole.

Out of Bounds or Lost Ball

If a ball is clearly seen to go out of bounds or to land in an area where it is unlikely to be found, and in order to speed up the game a provisional ball must be played immediately from the spot where the shot was first played.

The player shall avoid spending time to look for his/her ball and he/she is encouraged to play the provisional ball as soon as possible,

The General Rules of Golf apply to determine the final score on the hole played.

If the first ball is not found, and no provisional ball was playeda second ball must be dropped on the fairway:

– at the level of the point where the ball went out of bounds, which might not be the point where the ball landed,

– at the level of the point where the ball was likely to land if this area is not out of bounds

This second ball shall then be declared as ball in play. The score on the hole played will then be the addition of ALL STROKES played with the first and the second ball plus TWO PENALTY STROKES.

Note : As per the Rules of Golf, no provisional ball has to be played when going into a HAZARD

We shall play the ball as it lies (especially in the rough), but depending on the weather conditions, the committee will decide on the day whether a ball can be “placed” on the fairway.